Top 10 Chiang Mai Most Romantic Restaurants

1) La Terrasse French Bistro

La Terrasse French Bistro has the chef who comes from the France so that you can taste the French romantic flavor in the ancient city of Chiang Mai. The restaurant’s atmosphere is very exotic, and suitable for couples to have dating.


2) Boutique della Pasta

There are an open-air garden in the restaurant that you can have dinner in the garden. The environment of Boutique della Pasta is so great and romantic. And its pasta is so delicious that you can’t miss it.


3) The Good View Bar & Restaurant

The Good View Bar & Restaurant is a romantic restaurant that you can visit the beautiful view of the river when you are eating. There are also live shows at night.


4) The Riverside Bar And Restaurant

The Riverside Bar And Restaurant is the first American bar restaurant with the live performance of the band near the Mae Ping River in Chiang Mai. The restaurant offers Thai food and Chinese dishes to meet the needs of different tourists. You can enjoy the scenery while enjoy the delicacy.


5) Café de Nimman

Caf de Nimman is an authentic Thai restaurant. The restaurant’s atmosphere is very comfortable. There are outdoor seats of the restaurant on the lawn. And the interior design of the restaurant is also very artistic.


6) Khaomao-Khaofang Restaurant

Khaomao-Khaofang Restaurant is very large, that its environment is the best in Chiang Mai. The central part of the restaurant is a lake, and the seats of lake will make you feel so comfortable. There are lake, large or small waterfalls, and cabin. You can even choose to have dinner in the boat.


7) Cainito Homemade Restaurant

Cainito Homemade Restaurant is a homemade style restaurant. It is a very big yard and a small villa with two floors. The environment of the resturant is bright and the design is simple, but the details will show you the designer’s idea.


8) Dash! Restaurant&Bar

Dash! Restaurant&Bar is a unique wooden house. There are colorful plants in the courtyard which is very big and beautiful. There are also live bands playing at night.


9) Beppu Restaurant

Beppu Restaurant looks like the local restaurant that is located in the streets of Japan. Indoor layout completely abandoned the Thailand style. Whether the great cherry blossom on the wall, or the case next to the yacht will show the strong Japanese style to you.


10) Kinto Buffe

Kinto Buffe store is not big, but it is almost filled with people. The graffiti on the wall is very cute. The meat is so fresh which includes pork, beef and chicken, and there are also many types of vegetables.

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